Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Paper Panic! 
Dina Gadia & Mark Salvatus
20Square, SLab Jan 13 - Feb 13, 2009

In Paper Panic, Dina Gadia and Mark Salvatus cut, cover, and change to create and reveal. Drawing from their advertising background, Gadia and Salvatus juxtapose random images with pop culture, archiving, urban culture and ephemera. Paper Panic -collages,drawings, cut-outs etc.- tweak the familiar and everyday, and the expected and the fleeting, to tell a different story. Salvatus invites us to imagine ‘what was’ and question ‘what is and is not’; Gadia tells us of ‘the way things are’, encouraging us to laugh along. Paper Panic engages us in dialogue as it exposes the colors of life.   - Bea Davila