Saturday, August 28, 2010

20square, Slab Sept 1-25, 2010

In Contra-Affair, Gadia uses three mediums: painting,collage and sculpture to explore “affairs of ideas/images that go against each other”.

She likens her mix and match of images to dating. “If the images seem like their playfully flirting with one another, at the same time, ‘never trusting and committing’, then I'll make them stick together.” The resulting affair between contrasts or ironies becomes something else entirely. For example, by adding the text “mamaw” (monster) into the muscle man-graveyard mix, the transformation from man to beast becomes complete. In each new “affair”, she purchases a new identity for the images by defining the images against each other.

Because Gadia “cracks the images to open the possibilities of new meaning”, her work is witty, often times in your face, but always thought-provoking. Will the contra-affair work? Or, will it be over before it starts? Like Gadia, one can only guess how long the affair will last and challenge the expected. -Bea Davila

photos courtesy of Silverlens
Mamaw, collage, 2010
Sensations in Tandem, collage,2010
Snake Bite Love, collage, 2010
The Big Chameleon Moment, acrylic on canvas, 2010
Spectacle Plastic Devices, resin, 2010